From tech startup spaces to medical buildings to corporate offices, the use of glass walls and glass office partitions creates an open and more inviting space that you and your clients will love. The use of glass wall partitions is quickly growing in popularity, as their pleasant aesthetic provides a significant boost on office mood and productivity. With wall installation offered at Capitol Glass, we can help you design and create the ideal office environment with glass walls, architectural glass, wall mirrors, and patterned glass in Manhattan and NYC.

There are a variety of ways you can use glass walls in your NYC office space. Our gallery showcases many of these examples, including thick glass partitions lined with metal for security, classy single-paneled glass railing dividers, floor-to-ceiling glass walls and doors for separation of hallway and office, and much more. Glass walls with patterns or designs are another option for even more customizability. 

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Before & After:

Custom Interior Stair Railing in the Flatiron District


This property was recently featured on NBC’s Open House! Watch the video and see this incredible project come to life.