It's time to update your shower, New York.

Glass shower doors add style and personality to your bathroom, while opening the space to give it a larger, brighter, and more luxurious feel. If you are looking to make a small or large change in your bathroom, or add some privacy with patterned glass, installing glass shower doors or a glass shower enclosure could provide the new look you want. Capitol Glass & Sash Co. Inc. offers custom glass fabrication so you can design and enjoy the perfect tub shower or tub enclosure in Manhattan.


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Three Reasons You Should Choose Glass Shower Doors

The two most frequently-used shower enclosure options are shower curtains and glass shower doors. Choosing glass doors for your bathroom design offers unique benefits that you can enjoy for many years to come.

  1. Glass shower doors add a luxurious look to your bathroom space. When comparing glass shower doors and a traditional shower curtain, glass is the superior choice for a space that offers clean lines and an elegant, spa-like feel.
  2. Shower curtains can easily harbor mold, bacteria, and soap scum; they are also difficult to clean and often require replacement to restore their brand-new look. By contrast, glass shower doors are easy to keep clean and beautiful, and they’ll never need replacement.
  3. The choice of glass for your shower enclosure makes the space inside your shower feel larger and brighter by allowing more light to pass through. A shower curtain can make the same space feel dark and cramped by contrast.

Cleaning Your Glass Shower Doors

Crystal clear shower doors enhance the entire look and feel of your bathroom. The key to keeping your shower doors looking like new is regular cleaning—with consistent care, your shower doors will look like they did on the day they were installed for decades to come. Just a few minutes of effort will reward you with a beautiful shower that lets in the light and is a joy to step inside.

Shower Doors Clean


After Every Shower:

Each time you shower, take a moment to let the shower spray rinse any soap from your shower doors. After you turn off the water, use a soft rubber squeegee, dry sponge, or dry microfiber cloth to remove water from your shower doors, which will prevent hard water stains from permanently etching the glass and affecting its look.

Once a Week:

Clean both sides of your glass shower doors with a glass cleaner or, alternatively, an eco-friendly solution of equal parts water and vinegar. If you have a stone-tiled shower, avoid using vinegar—instead, mix water with a few drops of dish soap for a stone-friendly glass cleaning solution. Spray each side of the glass liberally, then take a lint-free cloth and wipe from top to bottom by going from side to side for clear, streak-free glass.