Beautiful Glass Partitions for Your New York Office

Glass wall panels have many applications in a wide variety of office settings. From corporate office spaces to medical buildings, the use of glass walls and glass office partitions creates a more inviting and open space that you and your clients will love. With wall installation offered at Capitol Glass, we can help you design and create the ideal office environment with glass walls, architectural glass, wall mirrors, and patterned glass in Manhattan and NYC.

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Glass Wall Applications

The use of glass wall panels is quickly growing in popularity, thanks to their aesthetics and boosting effect on office mood and productivity. There are a variety of ways you can use glass walls in your NYC office space:



Glass can be used as partitions to separate employee workspaces or enclose conference areas in lieu of other materials. Not only will the use of glass make your office appear larger and lighter, it will also help to boost employee productivity. Glass lets in more light, making spaces seem brighter and improving mood and morale, while maintaining visibility will encourage employees to stay on task and promote an atmosphere of trust.

Glass Reception Wall


A glass wall partition in your lobby or reception area will create a modern and stylish space that provides an excellent first impression for new and returning clients alike. Glass used in these areas can be tailored in thickness to reduce sound and light transmittance to meet your privacy needs.

Custom Glass railings


Glass walls can be used as both a decorative and functional element in stairwells, ramps, and escalators to maintain a bright and open look in these areas. Installing a glass wall railing is safe and stylish, and may be just what your lobby or reception area need to make a great first impression. Specialty glass can be used to ensure the utmost in safety on stairwells and ramps without sacrificing a sleek, clean design.


Glass Wall Options

Glass is not only a beautiful and modern medium, it is a versatile one as well. Whether you'd like to install glass partition walls or other glass elements in your workplace, you have many options at your disposal:

  • Clear glass wall panels provide the greatest light transmittance. These glass walls allow for an unhindered view into and out of any workspace and are ideal in applications where you want to maximize lighting and privacy is not needed.

  • Frosted glass allows light to enter a space while helping to maintain the level of privacy you desire. You can choose frosted glass that is partially or even completely opaque.

  • Combination glass mixes clear glass with areas or designs made from frosted glass to provide a customized amount of visibility through your glass partitions, depending upon your needs.


Design Ideas for Your Glass Partition Walls

One of the biggest benefits of choosing glass wall panels in NYC is their customizability.

Capitol Glass will work with you to design and fabricate exactly the type and style of office partition you’d like. You can get more information about glass wall design and office partition options in New York City when you call us at (718) 651-8400