To make the most of your interior decorating, the use of mirrors in various sizes, styles, and shapes wins out in both style and functionality. Installing mirrors into your home is and easy way to enhance the look and feel of any room in a way that saves space and is fairly inexpensive, all while adding an undeniable sense of character to your bathroom, your bedroom, or any room you choose to furnish.

Mirrors are one of the most popular feng shui enhancers for a few reasons. First of all, mirrors instantaneously expand a room by creating more visual space, which fosters a sense of calm and lowers stress levels. In addition to this, strategically placed mirrors have the added benefit of reflecting and therefore adding natural light to any given space. The best part is mirrors do all of this without taking up ample space in your home, and with the right installation team a mirror can be placed on almost any wall or surface, or even added to a piece of specialty furniture. The possibilities are endless, but however you choose to utilize them, the use of mirrors in your interior deign is sure to bring new life into your home — and Capitol Glass will be there to make sure it's done right!