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The Benefits of Shower Glass Doors in NYC

Glass shower doors are an excellent addition to any modern bathroom, creating a bright and welcoming space you’ll enjoy using every day. -Capitol Glass & Sash Co. Inc.

is proud to be a premier shower door manufacturer serving NYC. We offer a wide variety of glass shower enclosure options, including frameless shower doors and sliding glass doors.

Three Reasons You Should Choose Glass Shower Doors

The two most frequently-used shower enclosure options are shower curtains and glass shower doors. Choosing glass doors for your bathroom design offers unique benefits that you can enjoy for many years to come.

  1. Glass shower doors add a luxurious look to your bathroom space. When comparing glass shower doors and a traditional shower curtain, glass is the superior choice for a space that offers clean lines and an elegant, spa-like feel.
  2. Shower curtains can easily harbor mold, bacteria, and soap scum; they are also difficult to clean and often require replacement to restore their brand-new look. By contrast, glass shower doors are easy to keep clean and beautiful, and they’ll never need replacement.
  3. The choice of glass for your shower enclosure makes the space inside your shower feel larger and brighter by allowing more light to pass through. A shower curtain can make the same space feel dark and cramped by contrast.

Benefits of Frameless Shower Doors

Frameless shower doors consist of a single pane of glass per door; they are attached directly to your shower enclosure without the need for a metal frame. These shower doors have become increasingly popular in recent years for many reasons.

  • Frameless shower doors are made from heavier, thicker glass than framed doors. Thus, they are more durable and will last much longer; they can also take more abuse, which is beneficial in homes where the shower is used frequently.
  • A frameless shower door offers what many feel is a superior aesthetic when compared with framed shower doors, thanks to their seamless lines. These shower doors will also make your bathroom and the shower itself look larger.
  • Frameless shower doors are easier to clean than framed glass shower doors because there is no edge to consider. Thus, they can easily be kept looking like new for decades to come
  • Framed shower doors are subject to corrosion and deterioration of the metal and tracks, which eventually requires the doors’ replacement. Without fames, frameless shower doors will not suffer the same fate.

Would you like to learn more about glass shower doors in New York City? You can reach Capitol Glass & Sash Co. Inc. by calling (718) 651-8400 for more information about our glass design for shower doors.

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