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Factors to Consider When Selecting a Bathroom Layout

Your bathroom layout is a personal choice for you when conducting a bathroom remodel. However, there are certain features to consider, such as your home’s style and color, before implementing a brand-new bathroom layout. You must also consider how you use your bathroom and what features will look best. For example, a wider mirror and glass shower doors in Manhattan and the five boroughs can accommodate a higher traffic bathroom. Continue reading for more factors to consider when selecting your bathroom’s layout. bathroom - remodel

The House’s Style

The style of the house—including its décor and color scheme—should heavily influence your bathroom’s layout. It would not make sense if your house is styled like a cottage and your bathroom has a minimalist layout. This type of drastic change would look jarring to you and anyone else who stepped into the bathroom. Consider the way your color scheme looks throughout your house as well. The colors in the bathroom should have matching or complimentary colors to the adjacent rooms. This transition of color will look more appealing.

The Functional Zones

Consider the different zones of your bathroom and where they would best fit. For example, your vanity, mirror, toilet, and shower count as zones. Determine which of these zones should be the main focus in your bathroom. Typically, the toilet and vanity will draw the most attention. However, if you use your bathroom most for its shower or bathtub, then this will be the main zone that will influence the rest of your bathroom layout. Consider the features you wish to add to your shower, such as frameless glass shower doors. Once you know the features of your main zones, then you can consider how they will look with the other areas of your bathroom.

The House’s Inhabitants

The inhabitants in your home will also influence your bathroom layout. Determine how many people will be using your remodeled bathroom. If you will have multiple people using one bathroom, then install a larger vanity and mirror to accommodate the extra personal items being stored in the bathroom.

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