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Is a Frameless Glass Shower Door the Right Choice for Your Bathroom?

If you’ve already gotten your antique mirror and bathtub set, you might next turn your attention to glass shower doors in Manhattan and the 5 boroughs. The perfect shower doors will make sense within the aesthetic context of the room, be durable enough to last for several years, and help reduce the chances of a mold problem. If you want to take care of all 3 of these factors, you might want to go the frameless route. Keep reading to see if this kind of glass shower door is right for your bathroom. frameless - shower


When it comes to the modern, streamlined, and contemporary look, a frameless shower door will fit right into your design. Your frameless glass shower door will make the room feel more open, which can come in handy if your bathroom is on the small side to begin with. You won’t find metal or rubber edges on a frameless shower door, so it might not look so bulky compared to its framed counterparts. This lack of visual obstruction also makes it easier for you to enjoy the tiles in your shower. If you’re working on a modern design for your bathroom, a frameless glass shower door may be perfect.


You don’t want to throw money away on a door that will fail you in a year or so. Despite the seamless look, a frameless glass shower door will likely be more durable than you think. The professionals use stronger glass for this kind of door, which means it should be able to last you for quite a few years if you take care of it properly.

Mold Protection

A bathroom’s conditions tend to be quite ideal for mold growth, so you should do what you can to protect yourself and your family from this kind of exposure. Mold also comes with a few types of health hazards, but frameless glass shower doors can help you avoid the risk. Thanks to the fact that these doors don’t have the seals that framed shower doors do, it’s more difficult for mold to grow, making your home healthier and safer.

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