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Design Tips for Your Open Office

Designing an open office is a great way to encourage collaborative work among your employees and create a wide and inviting area for them to work. Design tips, like installing office wall partitions or outfitting cubicles with frosted glass near Manhattan and the surrounding areas, can make a productive space for your employees. Here is a better look at these design tips and more to help you create an open office. open - office

Tip #1: Choose Flexible Furniture

Flexible furniture—such as easily-moved chairs and modular furniture—will encourage your employees to work together and on their own. This type of furniture gives your employees the choice and the ability to decide how they work. Your office will also benefit from multifunctional furniture that allow your employees to relax and focus on work at the same time. For example, cushioned chairs with pullout desk surfaces or large tray tables that can be moved encourage comfortability and consistent work.

Tip #2: Install Open Boundaries

An open office requires your employees to be able to work together or alone without disturbing others. You can achieve these goals by creating physical boundaries that still create a sense of openness and flow. Establish offices or cubicle areas with office wall partitions. These glass panels will allow in natural light and space while still making a barrier for privacy. You can also create boundaries by installing shelving for books and knickknacks. This type of barrier will give the illusion of a wide and open office.

Tip #3: Control Noise Levels

Noise can be disruptive and distracting in an open office. Minimize the amount of noise in the environment by installing office wall partitions and thick carpeting. You can also design a system that tells others when and how to approach someone who is busy and requires silence. Encourage all your employees to adopt softer voices and refrain from noisy habits like finger-tapping. These measures will keep your open office productive and less distracting.

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