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Turning Your Bathroom into a Spa-Like Retreat

You can turn your bathroom into your own private spa with a few simple additions, such as glass shower doors and bright colors. Installing glass shower doors in your Manhattan bathroom will open the space and allow in more soothing, natural light. These components are essential to creating a resort spa in Manhattan and the 5 boroughs. Read on to learn more about turning your bathroom into a spa-like space. bathroom - spa

Use Natural Materials

The look and feel of nature’s calming presence is a key component in a bathroom spa. If you can enter your bathroom and feel like you stepped into a secluded hot spring, then you can better relax and enjoy the space. Add moisture-safe wood accents throughout the bathroom, and place small touches of flowers or greenery on different surfaces. Diffuse oils—such as eucalyptus or citrus—to give the bathroom an appealing and welcoming smell every time you enter the space.

Create Open Space

Openness is an important element of a spa-like bathroom. You want to feel like you have space to stretch out and fully relax. There are certain design tips that will make your bathroom look and feel bigger than it is. Install glass shower doors that showcase a large shower and beautiful shower tiling. Place 1 or more glass mirrors in key areas around the bathroom to further give the illusion of a larger space. Choose white or light-colored tiles and paints to help eliminate unnecessary shadows.

Choose Natural Lighting

Lighting of any kind is the key to creating an open bathroom space, but natural lighting will help create a soothing spa-like area. Install large bay window glass to allow in a beautiful view and as much light as possible. If you do not want large windows, then install smaller strips of window glass that will filter in natural light. Ensure that your bathroom lightbulbs are also bright and comparable to natural light, so you can use your spa bathroom any time of the day.

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