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Choosing a Glass Edge Finish

When you hire a glass company to create custom residential mirrors for your apartment, you will be able to select finishes and design concepts that perfectly match your sense of style. As you are creating your glass mirror in Manhattan and the 5 boroughs, you will need to choose a finish for your glass edges. The right finish will add distinctive style to your design.

Your residential glass experts will provide you with up to 4 finish options for your final product. A flat polished edge has 4 distinct corners, and is a classic design. For a flatter look, you may want to consider a beveled edge. Bullnose edges are completely rounded, and are excellent choices for glass tables or other low installations. A pencil polish edge combines the curved finish of a bullnose edge with 2 distinct beveled corners. Your glass company can provide you with additional information about the benefits of each type of glass edge.

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