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Add Interest to Your Interiors with Antique Mirrors

There are several ways to decorate interiors, such as adding mirrors throughout your home. You have many options when it comes to glass mirrors in Manhattan and the 5 boroughs, whether you choose modern, frameless mirrors or antique mirrors. Continue reading to see how antique mirrors can add interest to all of your interiors.

Antique mirrors can be as simple or as elaborate as you desire. Several antique mirror frames utilize intricate swirls and filigree to border the glass. However, an antique mirror may also have a simple border with a distressed glass face. Either option creates an interesting talking piece wherever it is located in your home. Antique mirrors are often added above fireplace mantles, in entryways, and on bathroom walls. Even if your interior has modern décor, an antique mirror can break up a monotonous feel throughout your home. If you are looking to add interest to your interior décor, then speak with your glass company about antique mirrors.

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